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Current Market Figures Of Exports Dubai – Facts For New UAE Investors

exports dubaiAre you thinking of trying your hand in potential profitable investment in the UAE? If you are then you might want to plan one for profits to be had in exports Dubai.

The city has seen a lot of growth in both exports and import duties since it starting opening its doors to the foreign market a couple of years back. The popularity of local goods in the international trading marketing is a golden opportunity for new investors in the UAE.

Current Market Trends

Before you jump into an investment in exports Dubai, the first thing you need to do is to analyze the current market trend for popular export duties to make sure that your putting your money on the right table.

Local products, like medicines, ceramic tiles, and consumables are seeing a lot of circulation in the local market. However, if you are planning to make some headway in the business then you need to look into more expensive products to get your business take another step in the ladder of success.

Export Destinations

First of all, delving into exports Dubai business requires you to define the destination of local goods. According to current market figures, exports are usually targeted in Japan, United States, and China.

The local business community, however, issued new destination for local goods and improvement in the market is seeing a great profitable opportunity for investors.

For example, jewelries and luxury items top the list of export duties in the Dubai market. Precious and semi-precious stones mined in the region have seen an increase in the past two years, especially with the demand coming from United States and United Kingdom. Plastic products are also great niche to delve into.

Local food stuffs are seeing a positive market in Asian countries, like India and China, like sugar and cocoa; as well as raw materials, like gold, aluminum, and ceramic.

Export duties of local products are projected to see a steady increase as the demand grows in major locations, like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Brazil, Egypt, India, and Indonesia.

Exports Dubai: Dubai Export Development Corporation (EDC)

If you’re planning to delve into an investment in exports Dubai then you need to get acquainted with the Dubai Export Development Corporation and apply for a membership.

This is the only government agency in Dubai that promote exports of local good and commodities, offering real-time market information on various export duties in UAE, as well as offering various services for investors delving into the business.

Being a member of the EDC opens business investors to services that cater to this type business, namely:

  • Coaching on the export business from specialists
  • Regular updates on local and international developments in the export business
  • Financial assistance
  • Access to financial services, and more.

Aside from the above mentioned services offered by the EDC, the most important reason for being a member is the knowledge and help you can gain from local specialist in the exports business in the UAE.

You can always learn from scratch, but having these experts address all your concerns can help simplify your introduction to the business and achieve success in the end.

Exports Dubai: Setting Up an Export Business

It would be safe to say that not all foreign investors delving into the exports Dubai business is knowledgeable about the local market.

If you want to succeed in this enterprise then the best way is to hire a native UAE agent to act as your eyes and ears in the market to keep you updated with the best possible products to export to other countries.

Also, having a local business consultant firm to help you with the planning and registration of your new exports Dubai investment is a big help since they know the assorted requirements mandated by the Dubai government for you investors bringing their business to the city.

It’s true that exports dubai entails additional cost on your end but having an expert to plan, find solutions to problems, and itemizing cost for the investment is worth every dollar you dish out for their services.

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