UAE Business Opportunities

UAE Business Opportunities – Types Of Businesses You Can Start In UAE

uae business opportunitiesIf you’re planning to start a business then you might want to consider setting one up in the Middle East, especially in the United Arab Emirates.

UAE business opportunities can only be considered as abundant considering that the current economic status of the region is at its peak and growing.

However, it would be best if you check out your options first before you proceed to avoid regrets later on.

Real Estate Investment

Real estate in UAE is practically contributed a majority of the region’s GDP. According to studies, 22% of the region’s GDP is attributed to real estate and current construction projects are pulling up the numbers to the boon of various investors looking for a profitable venture in the UAE.

Note that real estate in UAE; especially in Dubai is still not well-known to foreign investors so dishing out money for such today might be to your advantage.

UAE Business Opportunities: Tourism

Tourism is just one of the most profitable UAE business opportunities available to investors. Tourist and vacationers flock to the city every year to enjoy the tropical climate, as well as the various opportunities for fun and relaxation offered in the city.

Setting up a travel agency with offers from airline companies, hotels, and resorts would give you a year-round income if done right.

Professional Services or Job Agency

Professional services is a great need in many circles in UAE — child care for families where parents have to let someone mind their kids while they’re out to take care of their careers, or hospitals in need of professional nurses, as well as potential need of care givers for different functions.

This is why professional services or an agency that outsource or hire workers from other countries might be one of the best UAE business opportunities you might want to try out.

UAE Business Opportunities: Recreational/Entertainment Business

Cities in UAE, especially in Dubai, are in need of recreational and entertainment establishment to cater to the needs of locals and foreign visitors alike. This is one of the most profitable UAE business opportunities to delve into — putting up a nightclub, restaurant with a band, or even a simple karaoke joint would spell a lot of profit on your end.

Keep in, however, that this type of business opportunity might require you to look into the rules mandated by the government or ask a local consulting firm on the various requirements necessary to open up this type of venture in the region.


As the UAE market grows, so its popularity to the world. Both the locals and foreign visitors would be more than happy to see brands that they trust in the city — in terms of food, technology, or service.

Setting up a franchise as one of the UAE business opportunities you can try out will allow you to tap to the ever increasing market trend to cater to your needs of success and profit.

Getting Started

As with any business, it is necessary to plan it all out to guarantee success in this venture. Both local and foreign investors might want to take advantage of local agents to help them plan out their future business.

The reasoning behind this is simple — having someone who knows the local marketing and acquainted with the rules and regulations with business in UAE can speed up company registration, as well as the potential of opening up your doors to potential financing options to help you jumpstart the business of your dreams.

For a price, local business consulting firm can easily take charge of planning to give you solid figures and facts on how your planned business would fare in the region, knowledge on regulations for new business, as well as affiliation with agencies and government bureaus to take charge of processing requirements and paper works to get your business up and running in the shortest possible time.

In most cases, having a local business consulting firm to help you get started with various UAE business opportunities should lessen the stress of starting a company.

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